A “Mary” Christmas Part II

Spinning wool to knit a Christmas scarf?

In 2002 I wrote in my journal:

It is so easy to get into the “frenzy” of the season by outside pressures to decorate a certain way, dress or look glamorous in velvet or taffeta. Including the table!  The pressure to make:

Handmade gifts, decorations, boxes and bags

Custom candles, candies and pinecones

Decorated by hands of my own.

Packaged wrapping and value pack bows just will not do.

Every single item must be handmade by you!

Jewelry must be handmade as well.

Not with store bought beads that you simply string.

We must first make our own beads from polymer clay.

That is how it is done these days.

Decorative soaps must be made by hand

With sweet smelling oils not to be used by man!

The candles must be sweet smelling too

Even for people allergic to perfume.

Carol Duvall and Martha Stewart

Know how to sell their ideas.

The gist of the matter is order from us.

We will tell you how to be loved by all.

You must present things so special

they will be remembered for years!

By New Years, you’ll be over your stress induced tears.

Why do we listen?

Why do we care?

Must we have a Martha Christmas this year?

I have decided to worship and praise

The master who created the days.

He loves me and cares more than any salesman.

In fact, maybe I’ll tell Martha and Carol about Him!

Let’s have a “Mary Christmas” this year!

Show others that Jesus cares.

Spend some time with someone who’s lonely

That doesn’t cost any money.

Share the love that Jesus showed

When He came from heaven to earth below.

He gave His life for you and me.

I’m so happy; I think I’ll sing

Praise to Jesus Christ our Savior

Who is God’s perfect gift from above

Thank you Lord for your gift of love.

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