The George Muller Homes

In The Vision of a Mother’s Heart, when “Mama” became ill, Isabel saw and heard her mother pleading with “Papa” never to allow the children to be placed in an orphanage. She had obviously heard horror stories and was afraid that the children would be separated and never be together as a family again.

There was a man in England called by God to provide a home for homeless children. He was not wealthy and it was said that one morning when there was nothing to eat, he had the table set for breakfast, the children at the table for prayer. He thanked the Lord for what He would provide.

There was a knock at the door. A baker had been prompted to bake extra bread and bring it to Muller’s children. Another knock at the door revealed a milkman whose cart was broken and he feared the milk would go to waste. He gave it to the children.

Our Heavenly Father knows our needs and provides before we even ask. This is why we are to ask with thanksgiving – something Mr. Muller taught his children. This is a slide show of some of the children who grew up in Muller’s orphanages. Praise the Lord for this man who wholly trusted the Lord.

“But let him ask in faith nothing wavering.”

James 1:6a

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