Catalog Shopping

Isabel came from a poor family which was rich with love.

Mama and Papa didn’t have a lot of money to spend on the latest fashions with seven children to feed and clothe. However, Mama was an excellent seamstress and made most of the children’s clothes – something that became an embarrassment for Isabel. It wasn’t Mama’s sewing but the fabric her clothes were made from.

An alternative for many families was to order from the catalog. Every family had one or two. Purchases could be made for anything from toys to houses! Of course, it took money so the children drooled over the pages, wishing for this dress or that train set.

For her tenth birthday, Isabel had a wonderful surprise. A trip to town the following day with Mama. No one else – just mother and daughter on a shopping trip which also included a trip to the Soda shop!

Styles have changed but some things never change – spending alone time with Mama something children long for today.  We still receive catalogs too! However, to know a mother’s love – Priceless!

Style of clothing Isabel and her sisters Maggie and Sylvia may have worn.

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