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Miracle of Life by Kari Boyer

Wonderful news from blogger and beautiful mother, Kari Boyer!

Day by Day Home

Today we found out that our 4th child will be a GIRL! We are all so excited. Our oldest is a girl- she’ll be 8 this summer.  And then we had two boys. (almost 6 and almost 2)  So, it’s been a while since there has been a baby girl in our house!

After having my first baby, I remember wondering if every pregnancy and birth would be as exciting and as full of anticipation as the first baby experience.  Since I am now on round four, I can say that, yes, every new baby brings excitement and joy and expectation. First babies are definitely a special experience- everything is so new to you. And I remember the funny feeling after giving birth to our oldest, knowing that she really was ours and that I got to take her home and that I really was her mom. But every new…

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