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The Vision of a Mother’s Heart


The Vision of a Mother’s Heart

is now displayed at a local bookstore in Lynchburg, VA.

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The Lord is good!

Sharing God’s Benefits

Sharing God’s Benefits

By Katherine Purdy


“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth

us with benefits,

even the God of Salvation. Selah.” 

(Psalms 68:19)



John and I were discussing the other day how at times we hesitate to share the gospel with others. I’m not sure why; for we have so much good news to give!

It reminded me of my first weeks as a bank teller.  Part of a teller’s job is selling. Now, I am one who says, “Thank you, I’m NOT INTERESTED” when a telemarketer calls. How could I possibly sell Money Markets and send people to our financial advisers when I don’t like getting a sales pitch myself?  Then, I began to notice something interesting.  Many people either didn’t have an account and had to be “thumb printed” every time they cashed their paychecks.  Other customers were not taking advantage of accounts that could give them interest as well as other benefits.  The elderly had their large “nest eggs” tucked away into a low interest bearing Savings Account.  When I showed them what they earn with their current account and compared it with the benefits of having their monies in a Money Market Account or an Asset Management Account, most of them decided to upgrade their account.  They were delighted with the benefits of their decision and one customer even sent a Thank You card after receiving her first statement.

As a believer, I am overwhelmed when I think of all the benefits that come with knowing

Christ as my Savior!  Truly, He does “load us with benefits”!  I want to remember this the next time I have the opportunity to share the Gospel.  Just think, a home in Heaven and so much more!

  1. Salvation
  2. Security
    1. Eternal
    2. Daily
    3. Continuously


  1. Access to the throne of God
  2. Peace in time of trouble
  3. Light for the way
  4. Fellowship with other believers.
  5. Friend who sticks closer than a brother.
  6. Future in Heaven
    1. Worship Him face to face.
    2. Lay crowns at His feet/Reward for service
    3. Physical
  1. 1.      Atmosphere
    1. a.      Streets of gold
    2. b.      Pearly Gates and other Gems
    3. c.       Crystal Sea
    4. d.      Fruit Tree/ bearing different fruit each season
    5. e.       Marriage Feast
  2. 2.      Personal
    1. a.      No crying
    2. b.      No Sorrow
    3. c.       No pain
    4. d.      No Dying
    5. e.       No parting from loved ones
    6. f.       Praises


Is Your Name Written Down in the Lambs Book of Life? If so, by His grace, you have access to His benefits daily – don’t waste all that He has given you.

(I wrote this a few years ago but the application still applies today – even though I would not suggest Asset Management Accounts today.)

Nevrdun News – Could We Be Losing Something?

The following post is a newsletter written by my dear friend of Nevrdun News.

Do you remember when we dressed in our finest clothes to wear to Church out of respect for the Lord? It doesn’t need to be a distant memory of the past. We can give our best to the Master today.




“We’re losing it,” I thought.  “We’re losing it.


We were in a rural area yesterday, way out.  As we passed a tiny country church, an elderly gentleman with a cane in one hand and a Bible in his other was slowly picking his way across the uneven ground to his car.  I wish I had been brave enough to stop and ask if we could take his picture.


Try to envision a tiny country church, beautifully maintained, surrounded by fields lush with fresh spring grass sprinkled with Texas wildflowers.  Cattle are contentedly grazing as the old man leaves the building, slowly making his way to his car.  A warm breeze is blowing, occasionally gently lifting the end of his tie, for you see, he is wearing a suit and tie. 


His generation and those before him wore their best clothes to church on Sunday mornings.  Some reading this will be too young to remember those days.  Wearing your best clothes was a way to outwardly show honor for the occasion.  It was an outward sign of respect for God.


Oh, I know what some of you might be thinking.  “God doesn’t care about the outside, what matters is the inside.”  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m right there with you.  After all, we go to a Cowboy Church.  Jeans are the standard fare.  In fact, that’s pretty much all I ever wear.  A pair of black slacks for the occasional times I need to “look professional” and jeans for everything else.


But sometimes I wonder, in all our casualness are we losing something?  We’ve taken the steeples off our buildings and the hymnbooks out of our pews (pew?  what’s that?).  Our “sacred” music has been simplified to the point where people no longer know how to read music and organs are becoming a relic of the past.  Our once reverent sanctuaries have evolved into entertainment inspired modern auditoriums sprinkled with speakers and big screens and Broadway lighting.  And why carry a Bible when the Bible is on your smart phone?


I don’t know.  I’m just thinking out loud I guess.  I can’t put my finger on it, but it just seems like we are losing something.


<><   <><   <><


“I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD”

Psalm 122:1


Alice has a “sinking” feeling that a bath is in her future.

“Alice, what are you doing in the sink?”

“First, you were sitting in the kitchen sink and now, look at you. Do you want a bath?”

“I’m otta’ here before Mom gets the shampoo! Bye-bye for now.”

Church Song Requests – Repost from The Vision of a Mother’s Heart blog.

In The Vision of a Mother’s Heart, one of the chapters portrays Song Requests in Church. Little Jimmy was confused about the title of his favorite song but the song leader knew which song he meant and they all sang Trust and Obey.

On their way home from Church, “Mama” announced that she had borrowed a hymnal from the song leader so that the children could copy the songs so that they would learn the songs they sang most often.

The Church where I grew up asked for requests almost every Sunday night. When the music director asked for requests, we all knew that Mr. Drain would request page number 292.


Surely Goodness and Mercy by John W. Peterson and Alfred Smith. We sang all of the verses as well as the chorus at the end. We sang this with enthusiasm. We sang with joy. We sang with smiles as we watched Mr. Drain singing with all his heart.

Back in the “old days,” we had hymnals. Children stood by their parents and learned to read the music as well as the words as they shared their song book with Mom or Dad. Many of us remember all five verses to How Great Thou Art and Just As I Am because the hymns became a part of who we are. Sometimes I fear that we will have a generation of children who do not know how to read music because they have missed out on this wonderful tradition of sharing a hymnal.

What about you? Do you have any memories of learning hymns with your parents in Church? What would song would you request? Did you learn to read music at Church by singing along using the hymnal? I would love to hear your stories!

I must admit that I prefer the older songs. Songs filled with doctrine and have a good melody as well. Crown Him With Many Crowns, Wonderful Grace of Jesus, At Calvary, and Mr. Drain’s favorite – Surely Goodness and Mercy!

The Report Card

I was looking at a hymnal that had belonged to my husband’s grandfather, Clarence Long and found his aunt’s report hidden inside. We inherited several items from the Long family home when it was sold so that Aunt Louise would be able to move into assisted living. She had grown up in this house and had lived there over 75 years.

The report card is the most personal item we have. As a former teacher, this was a wonderful find. As a writer, I can imagine Louise coming home from school in 1931 and presenting it to her parents. I imagine she may have wanted to hide her last exam grade. Not sure what happened but it was uncharacteristic for this smart young lady.

The admonition to parents on the back of the card (page two) should be sent to parents today!

Does the term, Report Card bring back any memories?

Clifton Forge High School Report Card for Louise Long

Louise Long and her sister, Emily, John B. and Kathy Purdy 1985