Archive | March 3, 2012

The Report Card

I was looking at a hymnal that had belonged to my husband’s grandfather, Clarence Long and found his aunt’s report hidden inside. We inherited several items from the Long family home when it was sold so that Aunt Louise would be able to move into assisted living. She had grown up in this house and had lived there over 75 years.

The report card is the most personal item we have. As a former teacher, this was a wonderful find. As a writer, I can imagine Louise coming home from school in 1931 and presenting it to her parents. I imagine she may have wanted to hide her last exam grade. Not sure what happened but it was uncharacteristic for this smart young lady.

The admonition to parents on the back of the card (page two) should be sent to parents today!

Does the term, Report Card bring back any memories?

Clifton Forge High School Report Card for Louise Long

Louise Long and her sister, Emily, John B. and Kathy Purdy 1985