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If you have ever visited the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and wondered about the people who lived there before the Skyline Drive and the Parkway, and if you love historic fiction you will love Carolyn Tyree Feagan’s books.

I was first introduced to her books several years ago while visiting a shop along the Parkway. I had to buy it! And then another and another. I had the joy of meeting Mrs. Tyree last fall at a book signing in Lynchburg, Va. I bought her new book, Through My Window and she bought my first novel, The Vision of a Mother’s Heart.

Carolyn is currently working on a book. I cannot wait to read it!

Happy Reading!



Check out her website.


My Window

Through My Window

Setting out on a different path, this new book is not a novel. Feagans’ seventh book is a hard-back, table-top book with beautiful color pictures of nature. A “devotional” with 40 sections that contains personal reflections, other inspiring stories, and Scripture!

A great book for the coffee table or perhaps the bedside! The season of Lent and a dusty treadmill set in motion the writing of this book. The accompanying view through her basement window of the changing seasons inspired contemplation of God’s Word on her life as she marched to the hum of a treadmill.

Feagans chose to write this “book of hope” for those who don’t read novels, and for those going through difficult times, which includes all of us at one point or another.

A book about prayer and reaching out to God—and how He reaches out to us!


“How blessed I was by the book, Through My Window. Such vivid pictures were painted for me. In Through My Window, reality meets a dwelling place, and it made me reflect on my own memories.”
— Tammy Gutierrez, Liberty University Online Adjunct Instructor

“There is a timeless quality to Through My Window. The scriptural references are eternal, and Feagans’ musings on the changing seasons could have come from Henry David Thoreau…”

– Darrell Laurant, The Lynchburg News






“Through My Window is so uplifting and encouraging. It has the wonderful love of God, His marvelous gift, and His direction that speaks to and fills the heart. Thoughts from it continue throughout the day even after the book is closed.”

– Bonnie Menefee, The Villages, FL

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