Are You Ready for Mother’s Day?

“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is high above rubies.”

Proverbs 31:10

I want to do something special for our Mothers this year on Mother’s Day but I have a difficult time finding just the right gift. Our mothers have done so much for us through the years. How can we properly thank them for all they have done for us?

My Mom is difficult to buy for. She has an outfit in mind but we can’t find anything that matches her request. When we think we have found exactly what she wants – she says it doesn’t fit right or that it is the wrong color. This always amazes me because she is blind. Apparently, she asks several people about the color and if she doesn’t get the answer she wants, she refuses to wear the item or gives it away.  She loves flowers but fresh cut flowers do not smell like they once did. We gave her a blooming plant for her birthday.

What to do?

Mother Purdy is happy with anything we give her. However, she lives in a small room in a lovely assisted living facility. I know she will be happy with a cross word puzzle book but I wanted to give her something special because she is a very special lady.

And then I remembered the beautiful soaps Karen Lossing makes and sells through the Victorian Rose Soap Company. The molded soaps have raised images which will be good for Mom. She will be able to hold the soaps, feel the pattern. smell the fragrance as she uses the soaps.  She is concerned about her appearance, so the body butter tins will be perfect!

I decided to make a basket or use a decorative box with items from the Victorian Rose items and silk flowers. Pretty, fragrant, sweet and practical. Who could ask for more?

My friend, Karen has lovely items any mother would love to have as a Mother’s Day gift.

Sweetness, softness and nostalgia. A basket filled with handmade goats milk soap, body cream and silk flowers will bring a smile from any Mom!

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