Praying for children with a Mother’s Heart

I was looking through some old notes and noticed this piece I had written many years ago. The Lord awakened me one morning with this on my heart…

Early Morning Prayer

By Katherine Hinchee Purdy


Servant’s Heart

By Ron Hamilton

Make me a servant like you, Dear Lord.

Living for others each day.

Humble and meek, helping the weak,

Loving in all that I say.


Give me Lord, a servant’s heart.

Here’s my life; take ev’ry part.

Give me, Lord, a servant’s heart.

Help me draw so close to You

That your love comes shining through.

Give me, Lord, a servant’s heart.

Give me, Lord, a servant’s heart.

Make me a witness like You, dear Lord.

Showing the love of the cross.

Sharing your Word till all have heard,

Serving whatever the cost.

A Tender Heart

By Ron Hamilton

Take me now, Lord Jesus, take me;

I would give my heart to Thee.

Thy devoted servant make me,

Only Thine to be.


Savior while my heart is tender,

I would give Thee ev’ry part.

All my talents I surrender,

I am Thine, Lord, here’s my heart.

Use me now, Lord Jesus, use me,

As I tell of Calvary.

May Thy Spirit move within me,

Bringing souls to Thee.

Send me now, Lord Jesus, send me.

Lead me in Thy perfect way.

Thy command shall always guide me;

Gladly I obey.


I awoke this morning at 4:30am with the words of A Tender Heart ringing in my ears. However, it wasn’t the voice of Ron Hamilton singing. I was transported to the room across the hall. I was sitting in a rocking chair, feeding six-month-old Samantha her bottle while singing this song to her and two month old Joshua who was patiently waiting for his “turn”.  I can remember looking into the beautiful brown eyes of this precious Jewish baby, praying that some day she would receive Christ as her Savior, as I did each of the children I had the privilege of keeping while their Mother worked. Samantha was with me until she started school. Each morning at Purdy Child Care, we always began the day with Bible Time which included a Bible lesson on the children’s level, singing, learning Bible verses and later in the day, we did a craft to reinforce what they had learned that morning.  I was always careful to weave in the Gospel yet keeping it on their level. During the summer, Samantha’s sister, Sarah stayed with us as well. When she was five she came to me with a problem that was troubling her. She told me that she believes in Jesus but can’t tell her Mother because her Mother doesn’t believe in Jesus. We prayed together for wisdom and that some day her parents would also trust Christ as their Savior. That the veil would be lifted from their eyes and that they would see Him for who He is. The Messiah. The lamb of God who shed His blood for the atonement of our sins. That he arose on the third day and sits on the right hand of The Father and is interceding for us.


I haven’t seen Sarah in at least seven years but I pray that her heart is still tender to the Lord and hasn’t turned away. The last time I saw Samantha, she was entering the Third Grade in school. She and her Mom were very friendly and said they often thought about coming by for a visit but this hasn’t happened yet. So, early this morning, I was reminded to pray for this special family.


Then I thought about all of the children who were in my care. There were many of them and most were with me from infancy to Preschool or Kindergarten. (I used a preschool curriculum prepared by the Home School Association and supplemented with materials I had written or made.). As the face of each child came to mind, I prayed for them and remembered occasions when their “heart seemed to be tender for the Lord”.  There were three little boys who were afraid of storms. They always asked me to sing Till The Storm Passes Over whenever they heard the rumble of thunder. I wonder if they are still looking to Him for protection and guidance? I pray they have or will receive Him as Savior and will be used greatly for the Lord.


My thoughts then turned to neighborhood children who came to my house before and after school. They always wanted to know about the day’s Bible Story and verse. Many of them conveniently “stopped by” at Bible time or in the afternoon at craft time for a visit. Of course, they willingly participated in whatever we were doing.  There were other neighborhood children who came to the Bible Club that I occasionally hosted in our home.  There was one little boy who stayed home with his sister while his Mother worked during the day.  On the days when Sis did not prepare a lunch for Charlie, he knew he could come to our house at noon for a meal and then would “help” me clean up and usually wanted to stay while I read the children their “nap time” story. I prayed for him too.  He is a teenager now and I seldom see him.


There were other children who just dropped by to see our cats. Eventually, our conversation would turn to spiritual things. They all had a desire to know about the Lord and to know that someone was praying for them but I do not know if they ever made a decision to follow Christ. I prayed for them too.


For over an hour, the Lord brought these little ones, now almost grown, to mind. I wonder if they still remember that Jesus loves them? I wonder how many will I see in glory? All of them, I hope! Only our Heavenly Father knows. I do know that God’s word does not return void. When we teach children about Him, they drink it in then seem to stray away as they grow older. The land has been plowed and the seed sown. I pray that someone will come along and water the tender seedlings and that God will give the increase. Only He knows the harvest.  Although many of the children and their families have moved away,

I can still pray for them and for the Lord to send someone into their life to tend their spiritual garden.


Isn’t it wonderful that the Lord will lay someone on our heart to pray for and later learn how He had blessed them in some way? He blesses us with opportunities to share in other’s lives just by praying!

I’m glad He does!  So, when someone you haven’t seen in a while comes to mind, stop and pray for them. You will be blessed!

Kathy Purdy

Acts 6:4

“But we will give ourselves continually to pray, and to the ministry of the Word.”

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