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Learn with Jo-Ann: Make Fun Finger Puppets from Old Gloves – YouTube

I saw this video and just had to share it. This would be a wonderful rainy day project for Mom and the little ones. They will spend hours playing with the finger puppets. After cutting the fingers off the hand of the glove, turn the glove inside out, sew across the cut side to make a bag for the puppets. Add ribbon handles to the wrist end of the glove and a Velcro dot closure and you have a travel bag.  Have a finger puppet show in the car while traveling…


Learn with Jo-Ann: Make Fun Finger Puppets from Old Gloves – YouTube.

Wonderful history by the new owners of Belle Grove Plantation B&B

Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast

The Conway Family had a very big impact on the land that would become Belle Grove Plantation as well as the nation as a whole. When Edwin Conway passed in 1698, Francis Conway I inherited the plantation as well as took care of his mother, Elizabeth Thornton Conway until her death in 1732. Francis would marry Rebecca Catlett in 1717. They would have six surviving children.

It was under Francis Conway I that Belle Grove grew to become one of the most successful plantations in the area.  The primary crop from the beginning of this plantation had been tobacco. While tobacco constituted a major percentage of the total agricultural output, tobacco growth was hard on the land itself. Tobacco is a weed that uses up the nutrients of the land quickly. This is why most tobacco plantations had large acres of land. As the land become less fertile, the plantation…

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