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1920 Knitting Pattern for Baby Sweater and Hat

This 1920’s knitting pattern for a baby sweater and hat might have been one used by Isabel’s “Mama” when preparing for the birth of Isabel’s brothers in The Vision of a Mother’s Heart.

1170_baby_sweater_hat_knitting_PDF.pdf (application/pdf Object).

I wonder if Grandma Lizzie knitted this outfit for baby Eugene?


In the Vision of a Mother’s Heart, handkerchiefs are often mentioned. Isabel saved one that her “Mama” had embroidered for her and is again mentioned in the sequel I am currently working on, Hope Beyond The Sunset.

Notice the folded handkerchief in this photograph. It belonged to my grandmother, Isabel.

Apparently, even as a child I loved “old fashioned” things. I had a clear idea of gifts perfect for my grandmother. Talcum powder with the big, fluffy powder puff, a broach with pansies painted on it (even though I never remember her actually wearing broaches or pins) and always thought the greatest gift was a pretty hankie. I don’t know how old I was when I gave this hankie to Granny but she returned it on my wedding day to carry on that day and to keep. She also gave me the pansy broach (I will write about this later) and a double string of pearls which I passed down to my sister when she got married.

I love this hankie and think of her every time I open my music/trinket box. Now that I am older, I realize she could have been offended by my stereotype gifts but she always graciously received each gift as if it was “just what she wanted!”

I have several vintage hankies passed down from family members and some “new vintage” hankies that I have ordered through the years. I have thought about making a quilt, pillows or “something” to display them while creating a legacy to pass down to other family members some day.

I ran across this website and thought others who have an affection for hankies too will enjoy this site too. Perhaps you will see one that reminds you of your grandmother!

Do you have a story or craft relating to vintage handkerchiefs? I would love to read about it!

My favorite movie!

My favorite movie, Anne of Green Gables is coming to INSP on June 17th! What a fitting movie for Father’s Day. Matthew Cuthbert was the best father this orphan could dream of.


Be sure to check out the video on the right side of the screen and set your DVR.


The Watch Part 2 (A Preview) by Katherine Hinchee Purdy

Isabel finished her lunch and replaced the napkin in her lunch tin, shaking away crumbs from her dress and lined up with the rest of the class behind Miss. Meredith

“Alright class,” Miss Meredith said as she looked at the watch she wore on a silver chain around her neck. “You may quietly get a drink of water at the water fountain and walk softly to your seat. Take out your history book alone with your assignment,” she added.

“I don’t like studying about war,” Isabel whispered to the girl behind her in line.

“Me either,” Millie said, pulling her long hair to the side as she anticipated her turn at the fountain. “War is boys stuff!”

“I like it,” a male voice chirped in. “We cleaned the Kiser’s clock for good!”

“Yeah,” another boy joined the conversation. “Wish we had been there!”

“That will be enough, children! You know you are not allowed to talk in the hallway,” Miss Meredith said as she arched her eyebrows. “Hurry up now, we are wasting time!”

Isabel quickly sipped tepid water from the fountain, walked into the class, and took her seat. “I hope Miss Meredith likes my report,” she said as she pulled out her history book from the desk and smoothed out the single sheet of paper pressed between the pages, marking the chapter.

“My brother, Jim didn’t have much to say about the war. Not even a page worth!”

“Daddy didn’t say much either, except France must be beautiful with they’re not at war,” Millie said and wrinkled her nose at the boys across the room who boasted of the ways they would have “stick it to the Kiser.”

Maine Coon being a Maine Coon!

This YouTube reminds me of our Skippy. Maine Coons are called “Gentle Giants” but they have squeaky voices.

Skip often chirps at me until I do whatever he wants or leads. It is usually to “hand feed” him his dry food, brush his coat, scratch his chin or give him a piece of ice to bat around the floor. (He hasn’t had that privilege since we moved into our new home so he tries to hit the ice button on the refrigerator but just can’t reach. I hope I have the video camera set up when he does!

I saw this Maine Coon YouTube and thought my cat lover readers would enjoy it.

Maine Coon

Figurines – Reminder of Days Gone By (Written by Katherine Purdy)


Inspiration can come from the most interesting places or from the dark recesses of the closet.
This set of figurines was given to my husband and I as a wedding gift. I loved them immediately – something about the look in the eyes and sweet faces.

What I didn’t like was that “grandpa” was smoking a pipe and so after a few weeks, we sent them to vacation in the closet.  Almost 22 years later, I was tracing our family tree and doing research for The Vision of a Mother’s Heart. When I learned that “Papa” lived with grandparents who lost 3 sons in one month during the War Between the States, I remembered my vacationing figurines.

I found them on a top shelf with a little dust but no worse for the wear. (They were standing beside a jar of old sea shells. Ah, that explains it. Grandpa Lewis and Grandma Lucy had been vacationing at Myrtle Beach!) I carefully took them out of the closet and gave them a place of honor on a shelf where I could see their smiling faces and suddenly, my great, great grandparents became alive in my story.

What is your inspiration? Have writer’s block? Look at old pictures, Grandma’s old china is a great place to start. Do you remember helping her in the kitchen? Sitting at the table at Thanksgiving? Did they ever tell you about their experiences at Christmas? What about Mom and Dad’s family Bible?

A story can brew with the most unusual trigger. With me, Granny’s fried pork chops and pineapple upsidedown cake transport me back to her kitchen. Using that old red handled, crank style egg beater! The smell of pinto beans, fried potatoes and coal slaw is the trigger that reminds me of Granddaddy. He cooked on wash day so that Granny wouldn’t have to. The house smelled good all day!

See? You probably have memories fighting for your attention right now. Even if it is a pair of forgotten figurines.

20 Questions To Prepare You For Kids: By The Better Mom

I received this blog as an email and just had to share it with you.

If you are soon to be married, thinking about marriage or have children who are, these are excellent questions for young couples to pray about and discuss first. In order to be equally yoked, one must agree and have Christ as the head of their family.

It is so easy to allow the emotions to control our decisions. What does God’s Word say?


20 Questions To Prepare You For Kids.