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President Ronald Reagan Sharing the Gospel

This is what we need today. Praying for the United States of America to have a leader who takes our nations problems to the throne of God – the King of King and Lord of Lords!

Rare footage of President Ronald Reagan Sharing the Gospel

John and I are on our way to Roanoke to celebrate my sister’s birthday. I couldn’t resist sharing Roanoke’s wonderful history again. I love seeing the Mill Mountain Star and always look for the scar which was once the tracks for the Incline. I look for the Dr. Pepper sign and the for the downtown bank where I worked in the early eighties. Wonderful memories of my home town. I would love to hear about your home town too! Feel free to leave a comment. Happy Saturday!

Katherine H. Purdy

Much of Isabel’s Story takes place in Roanoke, Va as I have listed in former posts. One helpful tool in my research of Roanoke’s early days was at the Old Roanoke website. However, I learned today that the website may not be available after next month. If you are from Roanoke or love history check out this website.

Go to  > to see what Roanoke looked like in the early days. There are many pictures of the incline, Mill Mountain and  the historic city market where Isabel’s Papa sold vegetables and apples. There are also pictures of the Mill Mountain Star and for Virginia Tech fans, old game game flyers. Back then, most people referred to the school as VPI (Virginia Polytechnic Institute).  Check it out – it may not be available after next month.

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How to drive a Ford Model T – YouTube

How to drive a Ford Model T – YouTube.


In The Vision of a Mother’s Heart, “Papa” drove a Model T Ford. In my research for a chapter in the sequel where Papa teaches thirteen-year-old Isabel how to drive, I ran across this video in my research.
I had asked my father, Charles McReynolds about the car and he had two important but surprising points to include.

1. The Model T had three pedals on the floor. The middle pedal is “Reverse” and the right pedal is the brake – No gas pedal!

2. When cranking the car to start it, it was important to hold the thumb close to the hand – “don’t use the thumb. If the crank backfires it can break your thumb off or at least will break the thumb.” Ouch!

In my research I also found that if the weather is cold, one must use one’s left hand to turn the crank. If the right hand is used, it could break the right arm. Scary, wasn’t it?

My grandmother, Isabel wanted to learn to drive at the age of thirteen because that is the age her two older brothers learned to drive. I can see why Papa was hesitant. Did he teach her to drive?

We’ll learn the answer in the sequel, Hope Beyond The Sunset!

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Joshua 1:9 (KJV)

The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: Dress Your Table

I have always loved using table cloths, runners and doilies with flowers on the table. If only the cats wouldn’t pull them off or use them as their personal sleeping mat!

The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking has a lovely display and a good reason for dressing your table every day!


The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: Dress Your Table.

More Autographs From Friends Al Met Along the Way

This is a wonderful piece of history! A World War II soldier’s autograph book. (Reblogged)

© Al’s War: One Man’s Journey Through World War II, 2012-2013.

More Autographs From Friends Al Met Along the Way.


Youtube video of Lakeside Amusement Park in Salem, Va in 1970’s.
There are other videos as well. Be sure to watch the “Shooting Star” which was billed as the fastest roller coaster. Don’t get dizzy though. 🙂