Update on the Belle Grove Plantation Bed & Breakfast. Wonderful part of Virginia History at work!

Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast

We haven’t given much of a progress report lately so here is what we have going on. The contract… what can I say? The contract is still with the attorney. We haven’t even seen a draft yet. As of June 15, it was thirty days. So today makes 44 days since it was given to him to draw up. A week ago, the property manager said he got a call from the attorney, but when he tried to call back, he wasn’t there. The property manager has been calling and leaving messages ever since. Yes, very frustrating. But we have been at this since July, 2011, so we will just wait this one out.

But we haven’t been idle. Brett has been working on the zoning and occupancy permit. Zoning, what fun! In our county, we are zoned for farming. But they do allow bed and breakfast to use farming…

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