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I realize some of my readers have not seen The Vision of a Mother’s Heart trailer by M&M Productions. Hope you enjoy learning a little more about Isabel and her story.

Katherine H. Purdy

The Vision of a Mother’s Heart is my first novel and I am excited about having it published. Although it is written as family fiction, it is inspired by my grandmother’s childhood. Hope you will enjoy reading about the Greene family as they laugh, cry, sing and learn to face tragedy by trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ as Mama taught them. Even when things seemed hopeless, the seeds of faith grew in the hearts of her children.

I have enjoyed looking through the eyes of a ten-year-old Isabel in the 1920’s when life moved at a slower pace and families worked hard to survive and to stay together.

The Vision of a Mother’s Heartshould be available as an e-book soon!  The sequel, Hope Beyond the Sunsetis a work in progress.

The title was used with permission from Abigail Miller

Look for this beautiful song on her…

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained

The Belle Grove Plantation has published another wonderful beauty from Virginia History.

If you love reading about Virginia History and enjoy viewing plantation homes which have been restored you will enjoy this. I know I did!

Step back into a more graceful era…


Nothing ventured, nothing gained.