Mother & Daughter matching aprons in 1920

In The Vision of a Mother’s Heart, Isabel and “Mama” shared tea together. Sometimes Isabel was served tea. What other beverage did Mama serve Isabel from the tea pot when Isabel was ten or eleven years old?

Hint: When Mama wanted to share special time with her eldest daughter, it was usually in the evening after Papa and the other children had fallen asleep. Mama was confiding to Isabel the joys, hopes and sometimes discomfort of becoming a mother for the eighth time.

2 thoughts on “Mother & Daughter matching aprons in 1920

  1. Warm milk? 🙂 Love the graphic, Katherine. I actually purchased a “Mom and Daughter” apron set with tea pots decorating the front. It may be a few years before our granddaughter Piper can wear hers, but that’s okay.


    • Good Answer! Very close – hot chocolate. (Hot Cocoa.)
      I love aprons! Several years ago when I was providing child care in our home, the Lord placed on my heart to make aprons for little girls. I made all kinds. From the skirt apron to pinafores. So much fun to see little girls faces light up as they donned an apron and pretended to cook. 🙂


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