The 1920’s Look

I love this photograph of my grandmother, Junie. Such a beautiful smile! When I was writing part one, I noticed Junie’s hair and remembered experimenting with my hair many years ago. I wanted to get that “1920’s Look” for an upcoming banquet or for a skit I was writing.

I didn’t have “crimping pins” so I pin curled my hair with bobby pins. I looked like Shirley Temple in her twenties on a bad hair day! Thankfully, my fifth-graders didn’t snicker and I noticed a couple of older girls sporting the same hair style a few days later. Loved those kids!

I ran across this ad a couple of years ago when I was doing research for Isabel’s Story, The Vision of a Mother’s Heart.Junie’s photo reminded me of this ad and I thought perhaps some of my readers may also be interested in how young ladies achieved the wave look without having a permanent wave.

Check out the link below for hairstyles of the 1920-30’s.

If you want to try these fancy hairdo’s, I do not recommend wearing it in public unless you want to start a new retro wave trend!

I would love to hear your stories of hairstyles that didn’t work out or of watching your mother or grandmother style their hair.

In the sequel, Hope Beyond The Sunset, Isabel tries a new hairstyle but Papa isn’t pleased. I hope it will be available soon!


One thought on “The 1920’s Look

  1. Disclaimer: I have not explored the entire website for the 1920-30 hairstyles. There is information about the styles of the era as well as the politics. I would not recommend exploring the links to flappers and dances of that day.


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