Isabel’s Tenth Birthday

The Vision of a Mother’s Heart by Katherine H. Purdy

Isabel felt like a queen dressed in the cornflower
blue, drop-waist dress with a wide, white sash bow she had
helped Mama make just for today. She turned around in circles
just to watch the skirt flare out, just as she had done when she
was a small child, and smiled with pleasure.

She looked up to see Mama returning her smile.
After church, the family met for a picnic with a lovely view of
the Blue Ridge Mountains. Isabel looked at the smoky blue and
green mountains as she listened to the happy voices surrounding
her and suddenly felt wrapped in a quilt of love.

Cleo, handed Isabel a small
gift and hugged her tightly. She said, “Well, how does it feel to
be ten years old, Isabel? Do you feel any older?”
“Oh, yes,” Isabel said. “I’m in double digits now, you know.”

5 thoughts on “Isabel’s Tenth Birthday

  1. Reblogged this on Katherine H. Purdy and commented:

    Tomorrow, my grandmother, Isabel would have been 101 years old! It has been delightful trying to visualize her as a young child. I loved hearing her talk about her childhood. She is the inspiration for my novels. We had three things in common. We both loved rocking babies, being helpful to others and eating Kentucky Fried Chicken! I still miss you, Granny. Love you.


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