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Silver Gravy Boat and Stand

Earlier this week, I was cleaning out a cabinet and found my husband’s grandmother’s silver gravy boat. It was quite tarnished so I washed it, dried it, applied silver polish and buffed it to a nice shine.  I don’t know if you can see it in this picture but there is a fancy L engraved in the center. Unless the light hits it just right, the monogram is easily missed. After all, when John’s “Mamaw” placed this lovely item on the table, it was the gravy or sauce which held everyone’s attention. Right?

I can see it now. The family gathered around the beautiful pedestal table. Laden with good food to eat, dressed in her finest linen or crochet tablecloth, set perfectly with linen napkins and forks on the left of the plate; knife and spoon on the right. The water glass at the tip of the knife with the cup and saucer just north and east of the spoon.  A beautiful display awaited the family. Grandfather sitting at the head of the table, carving the meat, Mamaw at the other end of the table sitting quietly with her hands folded in her lap, joyfully watching her children enjoying the fruit of her labors. The silver gravy boat would be passed around from loved one to the next. I love that scene!


One thing I noticed that when the silver is polished, it reflects things around it – like a mirror.  It looked pretty on the granite counter top but when I placed it on the wood chest, it took on a richer glow.


Do you see the monogram? Look closely.  The angle of the camera also determines the visibility.

We are much like the old silver gravy boat. An empty vessel ready to be filled. A clean, polished vessel.

Unless it is filled with gravy or sauce, it is just an object to look at. No nourishment for a hungry family. No sweetness to make the food even more delicious. Without Christ, there is an emptiness. An empty shell. But oh, what joy when we have the Lord dwelling in us. Overjoyed when we delight in His Word.

Just like the setting affected the look of the polished silver, Christ can shine through us best when we reflect Him. By reading His Word, prayer and fellowship with other believers. I don’t know about you, but I want my life to reflect Him. Does one need to search for the monogram of my heart – Christ living in me?

God Will Take Care of You – YouTube

There’s no need to worry or fret. God will take care of you.  I have seen His hand working in my life for forty-four years and I can say with confidence that God is faithful, He is omniscient, He is omnipotent, He is omnipresent and just think, He cares for you!

Click on the link below to listen to this wonderful old song.

God Will Take Care of You – YouTube.

Nevrdun News – The Sorting

A dear friend who lives in Texas published this in her newsletter and has given me permission to share it. Be sure to read to the end! Yahoo! Thank you, Dona for sharing with us!

It is called a sorting. Pronounce that sortin’. Team Sortin’.

Take some cattle. Eleven at a time to be exact. Number them 0 through 9. Like this . . .

The eleventh one remains numberless and is called “the trash cow.”

Form teams of two cowboys or cowgirls . . .

Experience is definitely a plus.

The cattle are herded into a pen with an opening about 12′ to 16′ wide. Opposite that opening is an identical sized pen that is empty.

This is a timed event, usually 60 to 90 seconds. Two cowboys enter the area, as the nose of the first horse crosses the line between the two pens, the clock starts, the announcer randomly calls out a number and the cowboys quickly get to work.

Let’s say the number four is called. One team member and his horse try to block the opening (gate) while the other team member tries to get the number four cow cut away from the herd. As he runs number four through the gate he takes up the position of guarding the gate and the other cowboy goes after number five, runs it to the opening, swaps places with his team member who is heading for number six and so it continues – until either their time runs out, or a cow out of numerical order slips through the gate, or until – if they are really good – only the trash cow remains on the starting side before time is called.

It can get real excitin’.

Takes a considerable amount of skill by the rider and the horse . . .

And is a lot of fun to watch . . .

The Bible describes a sorting, too, in easy terms so we can understand. The final judgment. It is described in Matthew 25:31-46. Verses 31-33 read, “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on his glorious throne. Before him will be gathered all the nations, and he will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. And he will place the sheep on his right, but the goats on the left.” (ESV) One group will go away into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels, the other group will be blessed and inherit the kingdom prepared for them from the foundation of the world.

Serious stuff.

Are we ready? And are we doing our part to make sure our family and friends are ready? ‘Cause when that sortin’ comes there won’t be any slippin’ through the gate on the sly.

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19th Century Historical Tidbits: Soup Digester (Reblogged. Written by Lynn Coleman)

Soup Digester

Have you ever heard of a Soup Digester? Neither had I until I read Lynn Coleman’s blog, 19th Century Historical Tidbits. I believe this is an item from 1864. If you love history or historical research, be sure to peruse her blog. Fascinating tidbits and quite useful in helping us see how our ancestors lived.

19th Century Historical Tidbits: Soup Digester.

1925 Mens and Ladies Fashions With Pictures and Prices

In 1925, when Isabel was helping her mother with the new babies, what was happening in the world?

What News Events Happened in 1925


  • Adolf Hitler publishes his personal manifesto Mein Kampf.


  • New Child Labor Laws are condemned over concerns of child idleness.


  • The First Motel (Motorists Hotel) opens in San Luis Obispo, California.


  • A major epidemic of Diphtheria breaks out on February 2nd in Alaska.


  • Field Marshall Hindenburg is elected president of Germany in 1925.


  • A giant tornado struck Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.


  • A teacher is charged under the Butler Act on May 5th for teaching evolution in a Tennessee school.


  • After operating the Sears catalog for nearly 40 years Sears Robuck opens its first retail store in Chicago, Illinois.



  • Calvin Coolidge becomes the first President of the United States to have his inauguration broadcast on radio.


  • The Chrysler Corporation is founded by Walter Percy Chrysler.


  • John Logie Baird creates Britain’s first television transmitter.


  • More and more Airlines are formed around the world for Freight mail and passenger traffic.


  • Richard G. Drew working at 3M invents Scotch Tape, his original invention was designed for use in the Auto industry to bring a new level of precision to automobile paint jobs. But the Adhesive Tape designed to be self sticking (Other adhesive tapes used water or heat to become sticky) took off with consumers and became an instant success.

1925 Mens and Ladies Fashions With Pictures and Prices.

Congratulations to Michelle and Brett who are now the proud owners of the Belle Grove Plantation B&B!

Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast

Today we made it official!

We have a signed contract for the lease for

Belle Grove Plantation!

We traveled to Richmond this afternoon and finished the review of the final draft of the lease contract and signed it. This has been a long time coming! We started on this journey on July 16, 2011 when we arrived at Belle Grove to see it for the first time. Four hundred and twelve days later after working on planning, researching and meeting after meeting, we are turning the page to the next chapter of our bed and breakfast!

So what do you do after signing a contract that will forever change your life?

No… you don’t go to Disney World!

We headed home to Chesapeake and made a stop at one of our favorite day trip places, Colonial Williamsburg. Williamsburg has always been my favorite places to go when things got me down…

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