Till The Storm Passes By

We do not need to fear the storm; He holds us in the hollow of His hand.

We had some bad storms tonight. A tornado hit near us and very close to our Church. I am sure there will be many stories tomorrow as people share their experience on Facebook.

I wasn’t afraid. There’s no need when we know the Lord is protecting us.

I was actually thinking about a little boy I used to keep while his Mom worked.  I kept several children in our home and implemented a preschool program for them as they got older.

From the time they were infants, I sang to them. One song that was often requested by a precious little boy every time it stormed was Till The Storm Passes By.  I thought of him tonight. Praying as he flies through the storms.

Click below to hear Vestal Goodman singing Till the Storm Passes By.

Till The Storm Passes By

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