Update to What Treasured Memories are Contained in this Box?

2013-01-15_17_31_30 - Copy

Just a short update. John took the two film cartridges to the camera shop to have them processed. We didn’t have any idea what images were captured. The larger cartridge was for slides and were told that it cannot be processed because the procedure is outdated and chemicals unavailable. (If you know of a company who will process old film, please let us know.)

They did however, develop this film. There were only six very grainy images. They were apparently taken by John’s Dad. The first two pictures were of his son standing in front of the fireplace in their house on Kirkwood Ave. Roanoke.  The rest of the shots were of their precious little dog.  Even though the images are dark and grainy, it tells me that this proud Dad loved his son and their sweet dog.

Did you know that our Heavenly Father loves you enough to know the number of hair on your head and collects your tears in a bottle? He knows when a sparrow falls; how much more He cares for you!

Because Christ Lives,



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