Purdy Cat’s Introduction to Snow

It’s finally here! We had about three inches of snow today. That doesn’t sound like much but we like snow. It’s pretty, it covers everything with a fluffy white coat and makes the world seem peaceful and exciting at the same time.  After the snow stopped and the temperature began to rise, I realized that our three cats had never been introduced to snow. So, being a former teacher who likes to create new and exciting things for children – in this case, cats – to discover.  I went outside with a shallow dish and scooped up some of the pretty, white stuff and placed it in front of the cat’s food bowls and grabbed my camera.

Snow Kitties - Skippy watching the snow

After all, Skippy had been watching the snow from his favorite spot on the loveseat. Enjoy the slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our other Maine Coon, Ruby wasn’t adventurous today. Maybe next time it snows.


I also made two video clips but couldn’t get them to work in this blog. I will post them on my facebook page if you are interested.  Have a lovely afternoon and enjoy the weather God provided for today.



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