The Star Cam is up and running, refreshing every 15 seconds. See the beautiful Roanoke Valley during the day and gorgeous lights of the city at night. Go to for a current picture of the Star City.

Katherine H. Purdy

The beautiful Roanoke Valley of Virginia has changed drastically since Isabel’s childhood in 1925. The paved roads, bridges, beautiful tall buildings, museums and the neighborhoods have changed over the years. However, some things remain the same.
It is surrounded by beautiful mountains, the Roanoke River, Mill Mountain is still part of the attraction; even though it has also changed.

In 1924, the a ticket booth sat at the foot of Mill Mountain, charging citizens money to ride the street car or “The Incline” to the top of Mill Mountain. There was a park, a pavilian where a bandstand delighted people with their music. Children played, adults took in the sights, young people danced to the music and families had an all day picnic. It was the place to go.

Today, Mill Mountain is mainly known for the Mill Mountain Star which shines brightly; illuminating the night. It was erected in…

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