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The Watch (Part 4) Preview Chapter for Hope Beyond The Sunset By Katherine Hinchee Purdy

Conclusion to the preview chapter for Hope Beyond the Sunset.

Katherine H. Purdy



Isabel waited until every student had left and softly walked to the teacher who sat at the desk, fingering the watch around her neck with a far-away look on her face.

“Miss Meredith,” Isabel said softly as she touched the teacher’s arm. “I’m sorry about your friend. He sounds wonderful.”

“He was,” Miss Meredith reached for a hankie tucked into her sleeve and dabbed her eyes. “How did you know?”

“Your watch – you don’t just wear it to tell time. You trace the design with your fingers when you think no one is watching. I do the same thing with Mama’s hankie.” Isabel pulled an embroidered handkerchief from her handbag. “When Mama died, I kept this because it smelled like her. It’s one of the few things we saved when the house caught on fire a few weeks after Mama died. Sometimes I hold it to my…

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The Watch (Part 3) Preview chapter for Hope Beyond The Sunset By Katherine Hinchee Purdy

Katherine H. Purdy

Memorial Day is about the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice – the ones who died in battle.  Earl Hamner portrayed this side of Memorial Day when he wrote about “Ben” who made a Memorial Day bench to honor the uncle for whom he was named. When Grandpa Walton sat on the bench and gently touched his sons name, his face said it all. 

We often forget about the suffering of the ones left behind. In todays society, the sorrow and rememberance  of Memorial Day has become a day for picnics and swimming.

The story below is from a chapter from the novel I am currently working on. Hope Beyond the Sunset which is a sequel to The Vision of a Mother’s Heart. The setting is 1926 in Vinton, Virginia where twelve-year-old Isabel attended school. Miss Merrideth is her teacher who overheard boys in the classroom boasting that they…

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The Watch

Sample chapter for Hope Beyond The Sunset by Katherine Hinchee Purdy

Katherine H. Purdy

I love antiques. They remind me of a day gone by and of the people who once used the items daily. This watch belonged to one of John’s distant relatives. She was a wonderful spinster school teacher for most of her life. She wore this watch around her neck and no doubt, it kept perfect timing for her.

Watch for a preview chapter from Hope Beyond The Sunset by Katherine Hinchee Purdy. This is Book Two of Isabel’s Story. The sequel to The Vision of a Mother’s Heart.

When the time is right, you will hear the story of another watch much like this one…

Until then,


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