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Friends, I am so sorry to tell you that my friend, Bonnie Sue was called home to glory yesterday after a long battle with cancer.
I understand they were not allowed to adopt little Jedidiah.

Bonnie Sue had a passion and unstoppable love for special children overlooked by others. Wayne and Bonnie Sue adopted eight special needs children from all over the world many years ago before starting an orphanage for children in Uganda. The Lord blessed tremendously and they adopted many of the children there.  Later, they worked in other areas of service for the Lord.
Please pray for Wayne, Jedidiah and all of their wonderful children as they continue without her.

May they be comforted in knowing that through the Lord Jesus Christ, they will see “Mommy” again.

The ministry of The Good Shepherd’s Fold in Jinja, Uganda Africa continues today.

She ran the race, she kept the faith and finished well. Surely the words my friend heard were as she met the Savior face to face were, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant!”

Katherine H. Purdy


If I could think of one person with a “Mother’s Heart” it would be Bonnie Sue Walker.

John and I first met Wayne and Bonnie Sue Walker many years ago. We were hoping to adopt and so were they. Bonnie Sue led a group to Romania. She ended up staying longer than expected but came home with three beautiful children. They had already adopted a beautiful daughter from India, a son from Korea, a sweet little Chinese boy from Thailand and later, adopted twin infants before moving to Uganda where God led them to start an orphanage. They were there many years and after Good Shepherds Fold was established and running well with widows living in homes with several orphans in each house and new management, they followed the Lord to a new area of ministry.

The children they adopted while still…

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Purdy Cats Having Fun!

Purdy Cats Having Fun!

Click on the link to see our huge Maine Coon, Skippy and little Alice playing. They love to play and even wrestle. They often pay tag. Our other Maine Coon, Ruby will run with Alice and occasionally groom her “little sister” but doesn’t usually play the way Skip plays with the smaller cat. The closest they get to this kind of play is a quick game of tag where they chase each other through the house.

Skippy and Ruby stargazing together.

Purdy Cats 4 2012

It is amazing how the small kitty will stand up against these gentle giants. Sometimes she gets a little scratch on her head or nose if she irritates Her Majesty, Ruby but that doesn’t happen often. When irritated by Alice’s attempts to play, Ruby sits up straight and puffs out her chest and Alice knows to flee the premises. I truly believe when “Turbo Kitty” Alice came to live with us she took up the job of coach or aerobics instructor for Ruby and Skippy. She follows them around and is so happy when they pay attention to her! Here she is in her favorite toy – a crinkly tube we refer to as her “Turbo Charger” because she shoots out of the tunnel, running through the house, jumping on furniture and literally bouncing off the walls and repeats.

"Go ahead and try it, Skippy. It's good!"

“Go ahead and try it, Skippy. It’s good!”

Alice in her Turbo Charger

Cats make us laugh, and I have read that  watching our pets playing can lower our blood   pressure.

The Bible says that:    “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” (Proverbs 17:22)

Have you had your medicine today?

Where is our focus as we plan for Christmas?

“A table tree? For Christmas?” I could actually hear the whining in my voice as I responded to my husband’s suggestion. After all, decorating the tree is something I look forward to every year.

  •  The tree is a canvas and each ornament is my paint. In fact, several years ago, I hand painted several ornaments. Okay, not by hand with a brush. I added paint to clear ornaments and swirled the paint around until I had the desired effect and then stored them upside down in an egg carton to dry.
  • Each ornament has a story. Decorating the tree is a stroll down memory lane. We even have some antique ornaments and the fact they have survived my handling is nothing short of a miracle! Christmas Ornaments 2012 Inherited from John's parents. It hung on their tree for many years.
  • The Christmas tree is a perfect tool for sharing the Gospel. Of course, I am not teaching anymore so the opportunity to present the Gospel using the tree is slim. Besides, I used a small tree as my prop when speaking in Awana or in the classroom. (Check out the archives for the Christmas Tree Gospel. I will repost later this month.)
  • Decorating the Christmas tree is fun!

Of course, a small tree means less mess to clean up after Christmas and shouldn’t be a temptation for little Alice to climb into the tree.

So why does John want a small tree this year?

In 2011, our Maine Coon,  messed up the lights on the pre-lit tree and John had to fix it.

John rewiring Christmas tree lights after Ruby chewed the old ones.

Last year we bought a wonderfully fragrant tree which did not want to fit into the new tree stand. The result was a lot of sawing and a sore back for my hubby!

We try to recapture the joy we experienced as children on Christmas morning and lose

perspective of the true meaning of Christmas.

Kathy on Christmas Eve 1964 John Purdy's Cowboy Shoot

  • When we put so much time and effort decorating the tree and wrapping the gifts, it is easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas. All that glitter overshadows the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son; that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16

So as we enter the season to be thankful and to praise Him, lets keep our focus on Him. After all, He was born to die on Calvary; He was wounded that I might live.  I may have to refer back to this when we go shopping for a small tree – one that is about the size of a manger.

Handmade Gifts and Needlecraft


I am slowly working on emptying boxes from our move two years ago. We have boxes stacked along the wall of our garage and we are both trying to clear them out. Also, I am trying to find my rolling pin because I definitely want to bake Christmas cookies this year!

A few days ago I found some treasures – Cross Stitch magazines from the 1980’s to 1990’s. Some of my favorite patterns were from this publication and I feared they had been thrown away.  I stopped counted cross stitch when my eyes changed and had to use a magnifying lamp which was awkward to say the least.  Memories of gifts I had made for loved ones over years came to mind.

Before I got married, most of the Christmas gifts I gave were handmade. From homemade potato bread (Granny Hinchee’s favorite) to Crewel, Embroidery and my favorite, counted cross stitch.   After all, a single teacher in a small Christian school has a small budget and must be creative. My husband however, knew how to shop for “good things!” Nice clothing, etc. and so my needlework was mainly for our home – with two exceptions. Mom still has the large, double matted cross stitched Governor’s Palace, Williamsburg, VA.  I also worked on two other Williamsburg buildings but still haven’t had them framed or made into a pillow.  The second was a gift to my Mother-in-law. She kept this in her kitchen until she was recently moved into a small room in assisted living. It is in our home now. Every time I look at it, I think of Mother Purdy and am reminded to pray for her.

ImageAs I was looking at the magazine, I became recharged and immediately copied the patterns – enlarging them so that it will be easy to read. I have some projects picked out but my goal is to have the better patterns finished as gifts by next Christmas. This year, I already have some easy gifts picked out on Pinterest. ImageI was delighted to find two pillows I had made for our room back in the late 1980’s – 1990’s.

ImageIt definitely needs work. My trim is loose and the year and the background fabric are fraying but this is one of my favorite

patterns. If you look carefully, you will see a kitty hiding in the picture!


My friends will know why I love this pillow. I love cottages and especially like cottages with vines growing on it. Isn’t it picturesque? One of the reasons I was delighted to find the magazine is that there is another cottage pattern I am anxious to get started on.

Part of the fun of needlework is in imagining the finished product. Oh, there will be times when I have had to pull out one or two rows of stitching, or added something not in the original pattern, such as my initials and the date.  In my earlier days of stitching, I thought adding my name or initials was too showy. I simply wrote on the back of the framed piece my name and the date finished.  However, through the years, the Lord impressed upon my heart to add that detail. Why?

     1. We need to reflect Christ in all that we do. (Whatsoever ye do, do heartily as unto the LORD and not unto men.”)

     2. It is easier for family members and friends to identify.

     3. There is an old saying that whatever the task, do it so well that we will not be embarrassed to put our name on it.

I am always reminded of the industrious Proverbs 31 woman when I make something new and also ask myself if it is gift-worthy?

In Proverbs 31, her husband trusts in her and her children rise up and call her blessed.

How about you? Do you do needlework? Embroidery, counted cross stitching, quilting?  I would love to hear your stories and see pictures of your work. I am sure we would all enjoy seeing your handwork.