Purdy Cats Having Fun!

Purdy Cats Having Fun!

Click on the link to see our huge Maine Coon, Skippy and little Alice playing. They love to play and even wrestle. They often pay tag. Our other Maine Coon, Ruby will run with Alice and occasionally groom her “little sister” but doesn’t usually play the way Skip plays with the smaller cat. The closest they get to this kind of play is a quick game of tag where they chase each other through the house.

Skippy and Ruby stargazing together.

Purdy Cats 4 2012

It is amazing how the small kitty will stand up against these gentle giants. Sometimes she gets a little scratch on her head or nose if she irritates Her Majesty, Ruby but that doesn’t happen often. When irritated by Alice’s attempts to play, Ruby sits up straight and puffs out her chest and Alice knows to flee the premises. I truly believe when “Turbo Kitty” Alice came to live with us she took up the job of coach or aerobics instructor for Ruby and Skippy. She follows them around and is so happy when they pay attention to her! Here she is in her favorite toy – a crinkly tube we refer to as her “Turbo Charger” because she shoots out of the tunnel, running through the house, jumping on furniture and literally bouncing off the walls and repeats.

"Go ahead and try it, Skippy. It's good!"

“Go ahead and try it, Skippy. It’s good!”

Alice in her Turbo Charger

Cats make us laugh, and I have read that  watching our pets playing can lower our blood   pressure.

The Bible says that:    “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” (Proverbs 17:22)

Have you had your medicine today?

2 thoughts on “Purdy Cats Having Fun!

  1. Cats are so interesting and fun to watch (as your post proved!) I’m allergic but still hope to add one to our home in the future. 🙂 Our pup, Rupert, has often been medicine for my soul.


    • We would love to have a dog but I learned several years ago that I am allergic to dogs – break out in hives. We learned John is also allergic.
      John really wanted the Maine Coons because “they are the closest to having a dog that we can have!” 🙂


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