Friends, I am so sorry to tell you that my friend, Bonnie Sue was called home to glory yesterday after a long battle with cancer.
I understand they were not allowed to adopt little Jedidiah.

Bonnie Sue had a passion and unstoppable love for special children overlooked by others. Wayne and Bonnie Sue adopted eight special needs children from all over the world many years ago before starting an orphanage for children in Uganda. The Lord blessed tremendously and they adopted many of the children there.  Later, they worked in other areas of service for the Lord.
Please pray for Wayne, Jedidiah and all of their wonderful children as they continue without her.

May they be comforted in knowing that through the Lord Jesus Christ, they will see “Mommy” again.

The ministry of The Good Shepherd’s Fold in Jinja, Uganda Africa continues today.

She ran the race, she kept the faith and finished well. Surely the words my friend heard were as she met the Savior face to face were, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant!”

Katherine H. Purdy


If I could think of one person with a “Mother’s Heart” it would be Bonnie Sue Walker.

John and I first met Wayne and Bonnie Sue Walker many years ago. We were hoping to adopt and so were they. Bonnie Sue led a group to Romania. She ended up staying longer than expected but came home with three beautiful children. They had already adopted a beautiful daughter from India, a son from Korea, a sweet little Chinese boy from Thailand and later, adopted twin infants before moving to Uganda where God led them to start an orphanage. They were there many years and after Good Shepherds Fold was established and running well with widows living in homes with several orphans in each house and new management, they followed the Lord to a new area of ministry.

The children they adopted while still…

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