From the hands of a child

Lachin and Dandelion

Isabel smiled as little Billy crawled to a patch of dandelions and picked one. With a look of accomplishment, he held up his prize and offered it to Mama.

“Ah, that’s nothing but an old weed,” Jimmy said and laughed with their two older brothers. “Papa said so!”

“Boys, you mustn’t laugh at your little brother,” Mama said as she reached for the yellow offering. Farmers might not like dandelions because they say the roots choke the good plants but God made them for a purpose.”

Mama received the gift, lifted it do her nose, breathed deeply and sighed. “Thank you Billy, it’s” she said as she picked him up and held him close. “Every one of you have brought dandelions to me and I treasured every one. Even a dandelion becomes a golden treasure when offered from the hand of a child.”

Jimmy turned and ran to the dandelion patch. “I’m gonna pick some Dandy Lions for you too!”

Lachin and Gabriel


Thank you, Jamie Cook Wilson for letting me use the pictures of your sweet Lachlan and Gabriel!

 Michele Green Photography & Design‘s photo.



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