God Bless America

9b2d8b1789e287a1fe924d38ee1a0ceaPledge to the flag

This was once routine for every classroom in the United States of America.

We stood, faced Old Glory, placed our right hand over our heart as our teacher called us to attention and recited the following words:


We learned to love our country,  acknowledged our principles, our laws and our constitution are based on the Word of God.

“One nation under God”

We became  good citizens because of Him.

8d53e0a71bf50339ebfba5aeac5b1e66Little American Flag Poem

Please join me in praying that we will turn back to Him and once again become the Great Nation our men have fought and died for.

Humble ourselves and pray More at http://ibibleverses.com

Thanks to all who have fought and given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!

Happy Memorial Day

Graphics found on  Pinterest

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