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Egg Shampoo and Rainwater: Sample Chapter from The Vision of a Mother’s Heart

What are your favorite summertime traditions from your childhood?

Katherine H. Purdy

The weekend rain reminded me of one of my favorite chapters in The Vision of a Mother’s Heart!

 In 1924 some things were done differently. Isabel’s family had a pump in the kitchen but it only pumped cold water. Families who lived in the country only took a full bath once a week as well as washing their hair. In order to conserve water during a dry season, families kept a rain barrel under the gutter to catch rain water. If you were creative, you could turn a chore such as washing your hair into a play time. My grandmother talked about washing her hair in the rain and allowed her children to do the same. When I was a child, I wanted the same experience but was told there was too much pollution in the air.  So, lets enjoy Isabel and her two sisters experience from Chapter…

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