Don’t forget the Birds!


These are a few of my favorite things

These are a few of my favorite things

John and I bought a live Christmas tree for our apartment. I had already strung popcorn for an old fashioned look.

It was a cold evening when we bought the tree and John decided to leave the tree on the deck overnight. Imagine our surprise the following day when we decided to bring the tree into the house and found a little bird nestled inside the branches!

Our First Christmas Tree 1985

I had always loved watching birds and among the gifts John gave me on our first Christmas was a book about birds.


 We have had bird feeders for many years but the first time feeding birds that Christmas was very special.

After Christmas when I took the tree down, I placed the strings of popcorn on trees and bushes outside for the birds.

When I saw this vintage card and poem on Pinterest, it reminded me of our first tree and the little bird.

Have fun feeding the birds this Christmas and all winter long.

I often go to my computer to help with identifying birds. For information about identifying and feeding birds, click on the following link. if you’re like me, you will want to photograph and keep a list of birds who come into your yard! Through the years it has been a joy to give families with children the gift of a birdfeeder, birdseed and a bird identification book.

Did you know that Our Heavenly Father knows when a sparrow falls? Birds must be very important to Him but He cares about you even more!

09f9294da6fb55286758771fcd822260The Birds Christmas Tree picture
c3545b8e303f158793587848ff5a0c99The birds Christmas Tree

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