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The Watch Part 2 (A Preview) by Katherine Hinchee Purdy

Sample chapter from Hope Beyond The Sunset by Katherine Hinchee Purdy

When we lose someone we love, we gain a new perspective. Isabel was more sensitive of other peoples feelings that she didn’t have before. She had lost the most important person in her life at an early age. In the sequel to The Vision of a Mother’s Heart, Isabel’s eyes are opened to others needs as we will see in this preview series.

Katherine H. Purdy

Isabel finished her lunch and replaced the napkin in her lunch tin, shaking away crumbs from her dress and lined up with the rest of the class behind Miss. Meredith

“Alright class,” Miss Meredith said as she looked at the watch she wore on a silver chain around her neck. “You may quietly get a drink of water at the water fountain and walk softly to your seat. Take out your history book alone with your assignment,” she added.

“I don’t like studying about war,” Isabel whispered to the girl behind her in line.

“Me either,” Millie said, pulling her long hair to the side as she anticipated her turn at the fountain. “War is boys stuff!”

“I like it,” a male voice chirped in. “We cleaned the Kiser’s clock for good!”

“Yeah,” another boy joined the conversation. “Wish we had been there!”

“That will be enough, children! You know…

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