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Happy Birthday, Ruby!

They grow up so fast! Ruby is still a sweetheart and communicates very well! I took her towel from the foot of the bed in order to wash it while I changed the sheets. She was not thrilled. She came up to me as I typed on the computer and starred at me. Then she vocalized and turned toward the bedroom and looked back to see if I was following. She jumped on the bed to the corner of the foot of the bed where the kitty towel goes. So I placed my folded blanket on the spot instead and now she is a very happy camper. Our Princess is very particuliar and we love her.

Katherine H. Purdy

Today is Ruby’s birthday and she seems to know it. She has been running around the house chasing her hard food – batting it like a hockey puck, playing with her favorite kickeroo, batting a toy mouse and teasing Skippy and Little Alice.

Happy Birthday, Ruby!

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We knew we wanted another Maine Coon to be a friend for Skippy. John had scoured the internet for all the Maine Coon breeders and knew which cats were about to be “new Mamas” and the bloodline of the new litters.

I wanted a calico kitty like my first kitten, Ruby.

Ruby the first was a sweet, gentle kitten who allowed this six-year-old to dress her up in doll clothes and to stroll her around the neighborhood in my red doll carriage. I wanted another kitten like that! Although it is difficult to find a kitten with the same temperament of another…

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