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Little Isabel’s Christmas Joy ~ part 1

It’s that time of year again for Christmas Stories. If you have youngsters who like to read or someone who likes nostalgia, I am reposting this series of Little Isabels Christmas Joy for you. Hope you enjoy! (There are 6 chapters so I will post two chapters per day.)

Merry Christmas!



Katherine H. Purdy

Little Isabel’s Christmas Joy was posted in 2012 but I thought someone may enjoy reading the story again as we prepare for the most wonderful day of the year – Christmas!
Christmas Joy

Isabel’s Story
By Katherine Hinchee Purdy

Isabel’s long curls bounced as she jumped and clapped her hands. “Papa’s coming, Papa’s

coming,” she sang while skipping into the kitchen where Mama was taking out a tray of ginger

bread men from the oven.

“Isabel,” Mama softly chided the child, “you will be out of energy before we trim the tree if you

keep that up!  Besides, Papa and the boys have work to do before they bring the tree into the

house. Climb up on the stool and help me decorate some of the cooled cookies.”  Mama

walked around the kitchen work table, tied Isabel’s hair back with a ribbon, placed Isabel’s

Christmas apron over her head, and…

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