The Plans I Have For You

Patty Moore is a friend from college who blogs about the daily life adventures of having an adult child with Autism and Epilepsy. It is wonderful to see through Aarons eyes as well as learning lessons from Patty. Bless you, Patty!

He Said What?!

I think most of the nation has had a milder than usual winter.  Here in Kansas, we really haven’t had a winter to speak of.  Trees were budding, bushes were bearing leaves, and perennials were poking out of the ground in February!

I shouldn’t have been surprised…..but I was surprised……to walk past my front flower bed one day in February and look down to see that my Salvia had made an appearance.  There were fresh little green leaves sticking up through the ground, unaware that the month was only February.  Salvia don’t look at calendars.  They only respond to the warmth of the sun and the mildness of the nights.


Something occurs deep underground, in their roots, that awakens them and urges them to respond.  It’s God’s miracle of growth, not tied to the month of the year but to the environment around them.  And even though that environment can…

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2 thoughts on “The Plans I Have For You

  1. Beautiful post (I visited Patty’s blog,too)! I just discovered your blog as I was searching for an image with the Jeremiah 29:11 verse. I came across one of yours and plan to use it in my blog post today; I hope that’s OK! I will also link to your blog here. I’m bookmarking your blog, too, so I can read more and follow you. It’s nice to find another Christian blogger. God bless!

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