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Happy Valentines Day. You Are Loved!


“Charity (Love) suffereth long, (Patience) and is kind;”

I Corinthians 13:4a

Happy Valentines Day to all of my family and friends! I am recycling my post this due to some health issues; it’s that time of the year! However, I did want to give a greeting to all of our loved ones.

As many of you know, my stepfather, Jerry Hinchee passed from death into life in glory before Thanksgiving. Last night, I remembered that for many years when I lived at home, Dad bought a big pretty box of chocolates for Mom and also bought (less frilly) boxes of chocolates for each of us. For years, I kept those empty boxes because they were pretty and were great for storing greeting cards and mementos. So I just want to thank the Lord for that sweet memory! Dads, you have a great impact on your little girls. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates mean a lot to little girls. It’s not just candy; it’s the lovely thought.



     Do you remember when you were child how exciting Valentine’s Day was? We got to make beautiful decorated boxes or as we got older, a white paper bag decorated with hearts was taped to the front of our desks.

In the lower grades, we always made or addressed a pre-made card for every child in the room and of course, a special card for our teacher. Cookies and Kool-Aid provided by our Room Mothers made the last few minutes of class very special.

Sometimes, there was a special card from the little boy across the room who always worked the water fountain for you whenever you got a drink of water. Little boys may have received a special handmade card from the girl who had a crush on him.

It was always exciting if your box contained candy. Small, red heart-shaped boxes of chocolate or the box of conversation hearts. It was fun to read each message on the heart before popping it in your mouth. I preferred the conversation hearts.

Conversation Hearts`


What about the shy child who didn’t have many friends? Perhaps her classmates snickered when she was brave enough to raise her hand to answer a question only to “freeze” as the teacher called her name. The answer was lost in fear. Do you remember that child? Perhaps this was you? I remember that happening to me more than once.

This is the child who was afraid to look into her (or his) bag for fear that she had been forgotten or worse; left out by her classmates. She didn’t open her bag. Butterflies filled her tummy as she peeked into her bag. Did someone really give her a special card or did someone send an unkind message instead? Or would they laugh at the cards she gave them?

Imagine the joy when she opened her bag later in the privacy of her room to find her Valentines’ from almost everyone in the class. The candy was sweeter than anything she had ever eaten!   c278afe1f682e546d1f5e25c27d4b709Found on forum.krstarica.com kitty valentines

Sometimes we are like that shy child. Instead of reading God’s Word and knowing that Jesus loves her so much that He gave His life for her. She misses the joy of that perfect verse read at just the appropriate time when she needed encouragement. She may be afraid to lift her voice in prayer because she doesn’t know just what to say or how to express her praise and needs to our Heavenly Father. She misses out on so many blessings! She misses out on the joy of sharing His love for others and being a blessing to someone because of fear.

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect (mature) in love. We love Him because He first loved us!”  I John 4:18-19

So this Valentine’s day, remember. You are loved!

Have a blessed Valentines Day!




Silver Gravy Boat and Stand

Earlier this week, I was cleaning out a cabinet and found my husband’s grandmother’s silver gravy boat. It was quite tarnished so I washed it, dried it, applied silver polish and buffed it to a nice shine.  I don’t know if you can see it in this picture but there is a fancy L engraved in the center. Unless the light hits it just right, the monogram is easily missed. After all, when John’s “Mamaw” placed this lovely item on the table, it was the gravy or sauce which held everyone’s attention. Right?

I can see it now. The family gathered around the beautiful pedestal table. Laden with good food to eat, dressed in her finest linen or crochet tablecloth, set perfectly with linen napkins and forks on the left of the plate; knife and spoon on the right. The water glass at the tip of the knife with the cup and saucer just north and east of the spoon.  A beautiful display awaited the family. Grandfather sitting at the head of the table, carving the meat, Mamaw at the other end of the table sitting quietly with her hands folded in her lap, joyfully watching her children enjoying the fruit of her labors. The silver gravy boat would be passed around from loved one to the next. I love that scene!


One thing I noticed that when the silver is polished, it reflects things around it – like a mirror.  It looked pretty on the granite counter top but when I placed it on the wood chest, it took on a richer glow.


Do you see the monogram? Look closely.  The angle of the camera also determines the visibility.

We are much like the old silver gravy boat. An empty vessel ready to be filled. A clean, polished vessel.

Unless it is filled with gravy or sauce, it is just an object to look at. No nourishment for a hungry family. No sweetness to make the food even more delicious. Without Christ, there is an emptiness. An empty shell. But oh, what joy when we have the Lord dwelling in us. Overjoyed when we delight in His Word.

Just like the setting affected the look of the polished silver, Christ can shine through us best when we reflect Him. By reading His Word, prayer and fellowship with other believers. I don’t know about you, but I want my life to reflect Him. Does one need to search for the monogram of my heart – Christ living in me?

Sharing God’s Benefits

Sharing God’s Benefits

By Katherine Purdy


“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth

us with benefits,

even the God of Salvation. Selah.” 

(Psalms 68:19)



John and I were discussing the other day how at times we hesitate to share the gospel with others. I’m not sure why; for we have so much good news to give!

It reminded me of my first weeks as a bank teller.  Part of a teller’s job is selling. Now, I am one who says, “Thank you, I’m NOT INTERESTED” when a telemarketer calls. How could I possibly sell Money Markets and send people to our financial advisers when I don’t like getting a sales pitch myself?  Then, I began to notice something interesting.  Many people either didn’t have an account and had to be “thumb printed” every time they cashed their paychecks.  Other customers were not taking advantage of accounts that could give them interest as well as other benefits.  The elderly had their large “nest eggs” tucked away into a low interest bearing Savings Account.  When I showed them what they earn with their current account and compared it with the benefits of having their monies in a Money Market Account or an Asset Management Account, most of them decided to upgrade their account.  They were delighted with the benefits of their decision and one customer even sent a Thank You card after receiving her first statement.

As a believer, I am overwhelmed when I think of all the benefits that come with knowing

Christ as my Savior!  Truly, He does “load us with benefits”!  I want to remember this the next time I have the opportunity to share the Gospel.  Just think, a home in Heaven and so much more!

  1. Salvation
  2. Security
    1. Eternal
    2. Daily
    3. Continuously


  1. Access to the throne of God
  2. Peace in time of trouble
  3. Light for the way
  4. Fellowship with other believers.
  5. Friend who sticks closer than a brother.
  6. Future in Heaven
    1. Worship Him face to face.
    2. Lay crowns at His feet/Reward for service
    3. Physical
  1. 1.      Atmosphere
    1. a.      Streets of gold
    2. b.      Pearly Gates and other Gems
    3. c.       Crystal Sea
    4. d.      Fruit Tree/ bearing different fruit each season
    5. e.       Marriage Feast
  2. 2.      Personal
    1. a.      No crying
    2. b.      No Sorrow
    3. c.       No pain
    4. d.      No Dying
    5. e.       No parting from loved ones
    6. f.       Praises


Is Your Name Written Down in the Lambs Book of Life? If so, by His grace, you have access to His benefits daily – don’t waste all that He has given you.

(I wrote this a few years ago but the application still applies today – even though I would not suggest Asset Management Accounts today.)