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Activities to Emphasize the True Meaning of Easter / Character Concepts by Marilyn Boyer

It is my joy to repost one of my favorite Easter posts from my friend, author, speaker, blogger, Homeschool Mom, wife, Mother and Grandmother, Marilyn Boyer. 

Her family site is now http://characterconceptsblog.com/ I hope you will have the opportunity to visit their site.

Looking for a special tradition to teach children about the true meaning of Easter? Reposted last year from The Learning Parent. This is a wonder activity to do with your children, grandchildren or young children to teach the true meaning of Easter. An empty tomb! “He is not here; He is risen!” Click on the link below for the recipe! Check out her website for other wonderful crafts, books, activities and pics! Activities to Emphasize the True Meaning of Easter |http://characterconceptsblog.com/

Eva Marie Everson’s Southern Voice

Eva Marie Everson’s Southern Voice.

If you like good old southern recipes, you will want to check out Eva Marie’s Southern Voice. I remember my mother and grandmother (Isabel) making Banana Pudding. Check it out!


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