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This beautiful Waterfall

The beautiful picture of a waterfall that I used for the Unfailing Love post on October 2, 2012 was taken at Crabtree Falls in Nelson County, Va. by my husband, John Purdy a couple of years ago.
Photo by John W. Purdy
Since this is such a beautiful scenery, I thought you might be interested in visiting there if you live in Virginia.

Didn’t our Heavenly Father paint a beautiful picture?

Unfailing Love by Evie


“Unfailing love flows through His heart into my soul;

In spite of who I am, He loves and makes me whole.

I almost can’t believe it’s true – unfailing love

and yet, I know. He gave His life to give to me

Unfailing love.”

Written by Pele Karlsson

Performed by Evie

Click on the link below and be blessed!

Unfailing Love