Update: Landens Story

Landen's Story

Dr. Landen Johnson

Lets continue to pray for Landen and his family.

His hair started coming out and so head was shaved.


We know how difficult this is for adults. I can’t imagine how it must feel to a little boy.  Please click the link below for current updates by his parent’s.

Landens Story Update



Friends, I am so sorry to tell you that my friend, Bonnie Sue was called home to glory yesterday after a long battle with cancer.
I understand they were not allowed to adopt little Jedidiah.

Bonnie Sue had a passion and unstoppable love for special children overlooked by others. Wayne and Bonnie Sue adopted eight special needs children from all over the world many years ago before starting an orphanage for children in Uganda. The Lord blessed tremendously and they adopted many of the children there.  Later, they worked in other areas of service for the Lord.
Please pray for Wayne, Jedidiah and all of their wonderful children as they continue without her.

May they be comforted in knowing that through the Lord Jesus Christ, they will see “Mommy” again.

The ministry of The Good Shepherd’s Fold in Jinja, Uganda Africa continues today.

She ran the race, she kept the faith and finished well. Surely the words my friend heard were as she met the Savior face to face were, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant!”

Katherine H. Purdy


If I could think of one person with a “Mother’s Heart” it would be Bonnie Sue Walker.

John and I first met Wayne and Bonnie Sue Walker many years ago. We were hoping to adopt and so were they. Bonnie Sue led a group to Romania. She ended up staying longer than expected but came home with three beautiful children. They had already adopted a beautiful daughter from India, a son from Korea, a sweet little Chinese boy from Thailand and later, adopted twin infants before moving to Uganda where God led them to start an orphanage. They were there many years and after Good Shepherds Fold was established and running well with widows living in homes with several orphans in each house and new management, they followed the Lord to a new area of ministry.

The children they adopted while still…

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Childhood Friends

I recently had the blessing of meeting an old friend on facebook! We were best friends when we were students at Jamison Elementary School in Roanoke.

Jamison Elementary School, Roanoke, VA

Although this school no longer exists and has been replaced with a Fire Station, our memories of this wonderful old school are still alive! In fact, there is a facebook group of Jamison alumni where we share photos and memories of days gone by. The school was built long ago and many of us remember fine architectural details not present in building today. For example, the girl’s restroom even had a large round water fountain so that thirty girls could wash our hands at once! It had a ring around the base to step on instead of a regular faucet. Tall windows, intricate iron scroll work on the banisters going upstairs, old fashioned lights that hung down from the ceiling with white globe and desks with ink wells. Ah yes, I remember it well! The best part was the people who helped shape our lives. Both staff and friends that filled our minds with wonderful memories!

One of those dear friends is Kathie T. Kingery.  Kathie, her sister Robyn and I used to walk to the bus stop together every morning and back home again. Chatting and laughing the entire time.  We spent hours in the summer looking at the green stamp catalog – making lists of the things we wanted to purchase. What fun! It was so long ago and yet just seems like yesterday.  I had always wondered what happened to my friends. Thanks to the internet, I know.

The best part was that I was able to reconnect with my friend, Kathie Trent Kingrey who is a photographer.  She is sharing some of her wonderful pictures of Virginia with us. Even in the fifth grade, I could see that she had a flair for style! =-)


The beautiful Roanoke Valley! Isn’t it lovely?

I will post some of Kathie’s beautiful pictures on my blog this week.

If you are interested in her photography, you may contact her at is my contact info or 804.608.1224

So my friends, sit back and enjoy the view this week!



Hat Hat Hooray

My friend, Lori Horton who lives in China needs your vote!

Just click on the link below and click on the arrow on the right to cast your vote. This is the pictured entered. Thank you, and happy weekend!

Hat Hat Hooray.



Today, I was delighted to receive a phone call from a dear friend from college. What a wonderful way to brighten my day! This friend and her husband have certainly served the Lord many ways. Teaching, writing, flying, packing shoe boxes, cooking, sharing. Two words come to mind – laughter and hospitality!

They are currently living in Texas where he is instrumental in a university aviation program and she finds many ways to keep her hands busy for the Lord. On Sundays, his students come to Church and know they have a home to go to for a good meal and fellowship. Last Sunday, there were two groups of boys that showed up for lunch. Never fear – he stopped and picked up Chicken since there were so many guests and then the second group showed up with boxed lunches from DQ!

It’s not the fancy dishes, table cloths and spotless house that make people feel welcome and at home. It’s the love and caring. Hospitality – that’s my friends. She never forgets birthdays or anniversaries and sometimes, it’s an unexpected email that says, “I’m praying for you today!”

From my first days in college when she welcomed me and made me feel at home, to sharing an apartment and singing “I’ll Fly Away” in the car on the way to work, to driving all the way from TN to Roanoke to attend our wedding after he had worked all day and including us in their precious, talented children’s lives. We have many such “old friends” like a rare piece of gold…  I am thankful for every one of you and you know who you are!